Shabbat Shalom (Restful/Peaceful Sabbath)

I just wanted to briefly explain the changes. Initially my Hebrew name was Amina (faithful, trustworthy) but because of my personality and history (of not really being grounded or feeling like I had a home) I took on the Hebrew name Zipporah (bird). I have recently decided to use both and change the title of my site to Seeking His Face Daily. Because my life is in Christ and I am in a constant state of seeking the Father’s face so I felt that it was perfect. (I should have thought of that in the beginning). I am going into deep prayer about what direction I would like to go in with my platform however, I have had several ideas so far that I think you all will truly enjoy. I thank you so much for taking the time out to read my blog and also for taking this journey with me.  May the Most High Bless and keep you in His holy hands.